Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Michael Johns - Hold Back My Heart (ALBUM)

Hold Back My Heart does have a rock/soul vibe with a definite emphasis on soul. On this album Johns is certainly in his element, delivering a tight soul and old school R&B album. I dare say there is not a bad track on it. If anyone was unsure while watching Idol of what musical style Johns considered himself, they need only listen to this album. The songs are well written and all emphasize the strengths of his voice. The album’s first single “Heart On My Sleeve” was released in April and has been doing well on the adult contemporary charts.

1. Heart on My Sleeve

2. To Love Somebody
3. Feeling Alright
4. Little Bear
5. Foools Gold
6. Mountains
7. Fire
8. Hold Back My Heart
9. This Is Goodbye
10. It’s Too Late
11. Heart Is Weak
12. Turn to You

Download here