Friday, December 19, 2008

Snoop Dogg - Christmas in tha Dogghouse (ALBUM)

1. Christmas Intro
2. Xmas On Soul (Ft. J. Black)
3. This Christmas (Ft. Chris Starr)
4. A Gift That Keeps On Giving (Ft. Chris Starr)
5. A New Xmas (Ft. Uncle Chucc)
6. I Miss Them Days
7. A Very Special Christmas
8. Twas the Night Before Xmas
9. My Little Mama Trippin On Xmas
10. Just Like Xmas
11. Look Out (Ft. Kurupt, Daz Dillinger & Nate Dogg)
12. When Was Jesus Born
13. Xmas Trees (Ft. Chris Starr)
14. Everyday Is Like Christmas To Me
15. Christmas In the Hood (Ft. Deacon)
16. The Grinch
17. It’s Christmas Time (Ft. Chris Starr)
18. Landy In My Egg Nog (Ft. Soopafly)
19. Christmas Outro
20. A Pimp’s Christmas Song (Ft. Bishop Magic, Don Juan & Jake The Flake)